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SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwired - Feb 4, ) - InCapta, Inc. (OTC PINK: INCT), through its subsidiary Play Celebrity Games, Inc, announces. Video and Computer Games Play has long been considered to increase in fact it has been argued that such games recruit learning as a form of pleasure” (p. By happiness is intended pleasure and the absence of pain; by unhappiness pain and the privation of pleasure. (p. 66) In our everyday moral decision-making, this Moreover, the video game player's happiness can be argued to be a. (p. ). Here, the choice is to “do nothing” or to do something which is precisely what video games do presume—that anyone who plays the game can learn the game's very structure are linked together for the gameplayer's pleasure” (p. Games and simulations give students opportunities and methods to on problem solving, recruit learning and mastery as a form of pleasure” (p. to seamlessly blend into the structure of game play to avoid altering the learning environment. Merriam-Webster defines pleasure as, "a state of gratification; a source of delight or joy." Similarly singer/songwriter Marcus "Pleasure P" Cooper has composed. Keywords: video games, addiction, confusion, pleasure and emotional states (​pleasure/happiness) associated with VG play. items that tie Pleasure (P) and VG, three items that tie Happiness (H) and VG (six-items in total).
In each phase of the experiment the emotional states associated with VG were examined either through self-report questionnaires or via click measures. Yung Joc.

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The whole experimental run took around 1 h. The small sample of this study demands cautiousness when making generalizations from its results. This games to play pleasure p aims at examining the possible olay between pleasure and happiness within the pleasyre sphere. Best songs: let me fire lovin Illusion tender source i'm a breast gotta have you your love. As described later, studying the confusion between pleasure and happiness in the frame of addiction requires as clear a demarcation as possible between these two emotional states.

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Internet gaming disorder is characterized by a severely reduced control over gaming, resulting in an increasing gaming time here leading to negative consequences in many aspects of the games to play pleasure p life: personal, family, social, occupational and other relevant areas of functioning World Health Organization.

In the last years, the significant boom in using video games has been raising health issues that remain insufficiently understood. The extent of this phenomenon the estimated prevalence is between 1. Several studies show converging findings that highlight the common brain activities between substance use disorders and behavioral addictions i. Addiction specialists observed that addict subjects tend to confuse pleasure with games to play pleasure p when linking emotional states to their addictive activities.

As far as we, beyond the gajes observations, distinguishing the perception of these two emotional states in the frame of an addiction has not been yet the object of formal research.

This study aims at examining the continue reading confusion between pleasure and happiness within the addiction sphere. Video game addiction has been chosen to explore the possible occurrence of this perceptional distortion.

A mixed design lab-based study was carried out to compare l video games addicts and non-addicts between-subjectsand video games-related activities and neutral activities within-subject. Emotional reactions were gauged by self-reported go and physiological game acquired through a range of biosensors: Relaxation and Hearth Rate. From a therapeutic standpoint, this research intends to explore alternatives to deal with this sort of disorders. Overall, several indices resulting from this study constitute a bundle of arguments that argue in favor of the confusion between pleasure games to play pleasure p happiness made by addict users when associating their affective states to video gaming.

Furthermore, this approach illustrates how reappraising emotions may contribute to reducing the perceptional distortion of these emotional states. In the last years, the significant boom in using video games VG has been raising health issues that remain insufficiently understood Khazaal et al.

The prevalence of problematic gaming is estimated to range from 1. Compared to the core topics of research in neuroscience such as stress, depression, etc. Yet, a growing games to play pleasure p of studies have been produced in this field in the last two decades Andreassen plah al. Indeed, several research projects have been exploring VG addiction from a behavioral, emotional, brain circuits and genetic perspectives Griffiths et al.

There seems to be converging findings that highlight the common brain activities between VG disorders belonging to the cluster of behavioral addictions and substance use disorders SUD. It has been shown that the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, orbital frontal cortex, para-hippocampal gyrus and thalamus were activated in both disorders Han et al. The limbic structures appear to be the key circuits linked with reward and addiction Cooper et al. In subjects suffering from these disorders, cues associated with SUD and with behavioral addiction can trigger craving, which is connected with the dopamine reward system Ko et al.

In addition, it has been observed that the level of dopamine released in the ventral striatum when playing a competition like video game is comparable to that provoked by psycho-stimulant drugs Koepp et al. Few studies have been carried out on the genetic aspects of this topic. Some of them indicate that there would be genetic background similarities between these two disorders.

For example, the homozygous short allelic variant of the games unblocked youth basketball gene encoding the serotonin transporter is more prevalent among games to play pleasure p excessive Internet user, which is also linked with increased drug consumption Serretti et al.

As described later, studying the confusion between pleasure and happiness in the games to play pleasure p of addiction requires as clear a demarcation as possible between these two emotional states. Although a consensus among scientists on how to define and distinguish pleasure and happiness remains to be reached see next section Pleasure and Happinessin this research we have adopted the following distinctive traits to describe and to work with these two emotional states: pleasure relates article source a transient emotional state resulting from the satisfaction of a desire, a craving, and happiness refers to a lasting emotional games to play pleasure p of contentment, euthymia Pollard, ; Lustig, Based on his long practice on addiction issues, this author argues that confusing pleasure in the sense of longing, craving, strongly driven by a short term reward with happiness is linked with SUD and with behavioral addictions i.

According to the author, confusing pleasure with happiness is related to the growth rate of this disorder insofar as it would encourage seeking immediate gratifications perceived as sources of happiness, which in turn triggers the reward system with the risk to sink into the vicious circle of addiction Pollard, Besides, the significant games to play pleasure p development, through its commercial campaigns, probably tended to lead individuals to equate consumption happiness Schmidt, ; Lustig, From a physiological standpoint, the author highlights that plrasure over excited reward plat engenders an playy of dopamine DA release from the ventral tegmental area, which in return decreases serotonin 5HT level associated with depression Pollard, ; MacNicol, Moreover, Lustig underlines that DA and 5HT amino acids needed for the production of DA and 5HT share the amino acid transporters, which poses a problem in case of DA here acid over presence: gmaes is to say, the more amino acids for DA, the less amino acids transporters are available for 5HT amino acids.

In short, this DA-5HT unbalance illustrates one of the facets of the DA-5HT interaction in which the low 5HT level, associated with depression, prevents the serotoninergic system to exert its inhibitory role to imped the over drive of the dopaminergic system Esposito games to play pleasure p al.

Chronic stress and anxiety may further aggravate this games to play pleasure p by increasing the cortisol games to play pleasure p and thus creating a loop with dopamine activating the sympathetic nerve system and reinforcing the reward seeking behavior while down-regulating 5HT -1a receptor, which decreases the serotonin signaling and increases the depression likelihood Lustig, These findings are in line with studies that associate stress, anxiety and depression with Internet gaming disorders Wenzel et al.

Fundamentally, from a phylogenetic standpoint, it is likely that pleasure has contributed more than t Pollard, ; Lustig,which could explain the stronger drive of the short term gratifications over the plesure for medium and long term euthymia. In sum, this suggests that identifying the possible confusion between the gxmes emotional states associated with the addictive activities may contribute to deepen the understanding of this sort of disorders and consequently to explore new therapeutic options.

The emotional states and their consequences associated with VG as felt and perceived by chronic users led to thorough interrogations of health does games to free online play understood. Several studies intended to explore this issue by focusing on the individual characteristics of addict players.

For instance, the general level of happiness appears to be a firm candidate to predict addiction to VG playing Hull et al. In effect, it has been shown that gaming disorders are positively correlated with depression and loneliness and negatively correlated with well-being Lemmens et al.

These two studies relied on a eudaimonic notion of well-being i. Thus, based on the mentioned definitions of pleasure and happiness, on the semantic net see Annex and on the analysis made in the next section Pleasure and Happinessin this research well-being is assimilated to happiness due to the considerable common ground shared between these two concepts.

In line with these findings, another study highlights the association between high frequency of online gaming with depression and social phobia Wei et al. Similar results were found in a study in which, compared with no addict Internet user, Internet addict subjects used to play online games reported significantly more depressive symptoms Geisel et al. From a psychological symptoms standpoint, it has also been observed that when playing VG, addict pldasure have a sense of well being or euphoria while playing VG, inability to stop the games to play pleasure p, craving more time at playing VG, feeling empty, depressed, irritable when not playing VG, with all the pernicious consequences these symptoms have on the private, social and professional life Griffiths, At glance, the coexistence of well being and craving might come across as paradoxical, although the mentioned work Lustig, on games online real life issue provides some elements of answer to this finding.

Using a video game clip as a stimulation trial, it has been studied Kim et al. The results of this work showed that during games to play pleasure p stimulation trial video game there was a decrease of eye blinking rate, eye saccadic movement rate and mean amplitude of the skin conductance response whereas paly was a significant increase of the mean respiratory rate.

Another study Lu et al. When using Internet in this experiment, increases were paly in blood volume, body temperature and respiratory rate. The games to play pleasure p and brain mechanisms of pleasure and happiness are quite complex and probably more research is required to better discerning these processes.

Some studies have underlined that the hedonic pleeasure includes wanting and liking and each of these two emotional states may operate in a conscious games to play pleasure p unconscious mode Berridge and Kringelbach, Studies indicate that unconscious this web page would function as a conditioned desire involving the nucleus accumbens, ventral tegmental area, hypothalamus and dopamine; on the other hand the unconscious liking would relate to a sensory hedonic dimension associated with the nucleus accumbens, ventral pallidum, periaqueductal gray, amygdala, opioids and cannabinoids Kringelbach and Berridge, ; Berridge and Kringelbach, The same studies show that conscious wanting would relate to cognitive incentives, subjective desires and dopamine whereas conscious liking would be linked with subjective pleasures, opioids and cannabinoids; both would involve the orbitofrontal cortex, anterior cingulate and insular.

It has been shown that the level of activation of some of the mentioned areas would be altered in subjects with Internet gaming disorders: sensing craving for gaming is associated with an increased activation of the left orbitofrontal cortex correlated with desire for Business!

free nfl games online live think play and with a decreased activation in the anterior cingulate cortex probably linked with the reduced capacity to inhibit for gaming Wang et al. There might sims whatever it takes a relation between the complexity of these brain circuits games to play pleasure p to these emotional states and the pleassure of these two terms, happiness and pleasurewhich may contribute to the possible confusion between please click for source. Indeed, the intense interrelation between them finds expression in subtle distinctive features and in some connotations with vague borders, to the extent that these words might be regarded as almost synonyms.

The semantic analysis of these two terms produced in this research intends to show their core meanings, their nuances and the possible intersections games to play pleasure p them Procter, Trying to unravel and to understand these two emotional states is not a recent endeavor. For instance, Greek thinkers approached the notion of happiness as a state constituted by two components: Hedonia pleasure and Eudaimonia a life well lived Kringelbach and Berridge, Due to its nature, defining and studying happiness is a quite uneasy task.

Although progress has been made on this rather recent area pleasre study, there is still a lack of consensus when it comes to defining this concept. Some authors distinguish fluctuating happiness self centered from durable, authentic happiness self-transcendent Dambrun et al. Another study uses the value-arousal games to play pleasure p on emotions to define it, according to which happiness results from a ganes valence, high arousal and engaged and satisfied in life Cipresso et al.

Lustig emphasizes the time perspective as one of the distinguishing traits between these two emotional states by the play off to when is games power the short-term logic of pleasure to the longer-term characteristics of happiness.

These last two studies are quite illustrative of the differences with regard to defining happinessin particular when it comes to including or not pleasure in it. Whether or not pleasure is plqy in the definition of happinessto the best of our knowledge there is games to play pleasure p study that includes craving intense desire, longing as a trait of happiness.

Thus, based on the mentioned definitions and on the association between craving and arousal Kennedy et al. Within the frame of this research, Pleasure refers to the hedonic reward processes driven by a desire to obtain a gratification that can lead to craving in certain circumstances Berridge and Kringelbach, Pleasure has been associated with the dopaminergic circuit which can, in certain circumstances, function in an addictive mode and can affect also habits, conditioning, motivation and executives functions such as decision making, inhibitory control, etc.

Volkow et al. Happiness is understood as contentment and euthymic state, in line with a happy emotional state defined by a positive ;leasure and low arousal More info et al. In the literature this mood is related to the serotoninergic circuit Lustig, As far as we know, distinguishing the perception of these two emotional states in the frame of an addiction has not been yet the object of formal research, hence the reduced literature on this specific issue, in particular the experimental one.

Consequently this research may be seen as a preliminary study, games to play pleasure p aims at examining the possible confusion between pleasure and happiness within the addiction sphere. Games to play pleasure p addiction has been chosen to explore the possible occurrence of this perceptional distortion. Emotional reactions of VG addicts and VG non-addicts were gauged via self-report scales and physiological data Heart rate and Relaxation state acquired by a range of biosensors.

Are likely to confuse the notions top 100 games to pleasure with that of happiness when associating their emotional states to VG play. The results of this study are expected to show games to play pleasure p addict VG users associate happiness with VG activities while feeling craving for playing accompanied by an increased HR and a low relaxation check this out. Given the shortage of games to play pleasure p researches on the specific issue related to the confusion between pleasure and happiness playy VG games to play pleasure p, the outcome of this study is approached in an exploratory manner.

Gammes a therapy standpoint, this project intends to explore alternatives to deal with this games carriage free of scenarios. The mean age of these 61 participants was There were 33 males The mean games to play pleasure p playtime during working days was 4.

An online survey was run via video game forum and Games to play pleasure p site network of communities with common interests. Thus the survey consisted in filling the three questionnaires, games to play pleasure p.

Games to play pleasure p completed anonymously and voluntarily the questionnaires through their online gamers groups. The French version of these games youth basketball questionnaires was used Loas et al.

The French version of this scale was used Gaetan et al. Being to play to at least one of these five popular VG Fornite, Overwatch, League of Legends, Counter-Strike or Rocket League plau an age ranging from 18 to 70 years old were the inclusion criteria.

Competing against another team and playing in groups are the common characteristics of these VG. The exclusion criteria were having vision impairments and neurological problems. Two groups of gamers were invited to participate in plasure study: addict users AU and non-addict users NAU. None of the invitees met the exclusion criteria. They were all French speakers Belgian residents. The mean age was 23 and the standard deviation of 3. Before the experiment all games to play pleasure p procedures were explained to participants and their consent was asked on formal basis.