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That means the used games I buy are really old and no buy a game hurt man on sale as brand new. I never bought a used new release game. There could be a little scratch or crack. The this web page thing destroying the industry is some publishers greed in trying to squeeze every last penny out of you. But buy a game hurt man can tell you now, that some of the best games came out from old groups like Ocean Swallowed i believe by EA, No suprise there and Codemasters.

Making absolute cracking games, some of the buy a game hurt man out there. So don't try and tell me that used games hurt the industry. So compare that with today, and no matter what machine you go for.

You are getting your money's worth. On a side buy a game hurt man, Last Ninja, Tusker, Jet Set Willy are my all time fave games, and still love playing them now, which is what i hope to do with games from every year and decade for as long as live.

This needs to be addressed. Who put you in charge of deciding when anyone else has made "too much" and is being "greedy"?! As soon as you can give this answer, we can talk. That's only for you console guys,PC games have kick starter and small projects that are awesome 's of titles that you will see for the first time on this generation of consoles,you spoke too soon. I also don't see how wanting a good game makes you a Entitled brat,i mean how often do you buy crap out of principle so you don't seem to be " Entitled"?

Consumers have always spoke with their wallets you just buy a game hurt man get to hear about what they have been doing since the beginning of time on the Internet giving you this false illusion that its a generational thing. I used to buy the http://adibodobe.site/buy-game/buy-a-game-whom-online.php game used buy a game hurt man don't anymore because the last one I bought was scratched and wouldn't play.

I know I probably should have checked the disk but there was one of those security buy a game hurt man across buy a game hurt man box and was too much hassle. The store then refused to just click for source me best club games online refund because they said that I could have been the one that scratched it since I bought it.

Since then all my games have been new and the sooner I can cut retailer stores out of the equation and move to digital I will be happy. At LostKauz - What do you mean we can talk. Is this because i pulled you up about the word Barter. Oh i apologise, oh man who must type in red otherwise my posts will not be seen. Why don't you join the rest of us normal people, who obviously like to look after our wallets, and LAWS.

No one has been put in charge of anyone deciding where a company is greedy or not. It is my firm belief that this is so. Now obviously it's the time of the used games market. Why are they not the same price? Extra money from sales is why. If they were having that many issues with used games sales, they would go full digital and save themselves heaps of money, and not have to worry about a physical disc being sold on.

If people wanted a game that badly and it was that good, buy a game hurt man. They would download it. Please do not try to justify to yourself, that you buy a game hurt man speaking to someone with no common sense, I have been with consoles and computers since the late 70's, including scene groups on the Amiga.

I have more common sense than most people here, I did not put Microsoft down, i was stating my belief that publishers are greedy for money, Just like everyone else in this materialistic world we buy a game hurt man. As I have said in other posts, the whole 'buying used games damage the industry' is flawed as it always assumes that the consumer will buy the game new if the pre-owned market didn't exist which is not the case.

If I have no intention see more buying the game new then the publisher has not lost a potential sale as there wasn't any possibility of me buying it, so what damage have I inflicted on the publisher?

I can not buy a game hurt man a new Ferrari so have no buy a game hurt man of buying one; has the car maker lost a potential sale? I can not afford a new Ferrari so have no intention of buying one but can afford a pre-owned model, has the car maker lost a potential sale? Maybe next time? On a side, but you seem to be the only person on here to do it.

You could choose any other colour you like, but hey, no you choose red. Which i hasten to add, is internationally recognised as a warning colour. Which obviously means in terms to steer well clear of your posts. And also, you stopped reading, off course you did, because you cannot stand the thought that someone on here might disagree with you, or find that your red text, when everyone else is using the standard black, seems to make you someone important, it does not.

It just highlights your mistakes and foibles. Wow, no stomach to keep reading You understand how this works now? It has nothing to do with "stomach" or "negative". Figure it out? I understand how this works, and while i keep civility, you act like a spoiled child that does not take advice from anyone. Keep your ears and eyes covered and hopefully this will all go away.

If this was real life face to face, i would assume that you gamestop in full house have turned around and walked away by now, because you heard something you don't like. And again if you somehow make it to this part. Site Feedback. Tell us about your experience with our site. What a about you? This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread.

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