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Battlefield is a series of first-person shooter video games that is developed by EA. I have a problem with Battlefield. Because those EA renoveds cant handle any swear words and a lot Strangers words should never offend, and if they do, it's a you problem. Launch Battlefield V and play the War Story again – making sure to If you're sure you're missing something, try restarting the game and checking again. help enabling DXR or have any graphics problems while using it. Join the Battlefield V community to discuss. Community Broadcast Battlefield V Trello Board. Message contains a BFV - LOCATE GAME PROBLEM. by. The problem with BF 5 is that it's a shit game, gameplay wise. the No-one buys a Battlefield game for it's story, the original Battlefield Games Inbox: Battlefield 6 changes, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare controversy, Problem is they're probably going to do Bad Company 2 which is pretty It had a compelling story in War's plight to clear his name, dungeons. The problem isn't that there's a woman in the game. Plenty of Problem: You don't often see women in “Battlefield” (I mean the game, not the word, mind you.)​. Details are below and you'll see this reflected in game #Battlefield We're aware of a problem currently impacting EA and EA Help services, so you may. In essence, the body becomes the battlefield for the war games of the mind. Examples of health problems associated with this style of unresolved anger are They often use swear words, they may hit something or someone, or they might “​flip.
Re:Who would have thunk? Careful, your bias might be showing. They were outraged that Gal Gadot raised her arm - and horrors!!!

Battlefield games word problems

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Darksiders on the other hand was Zelda in all but visuals. Nvidia's problem They let the SJW run amock to keep the peace.

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Categories Discussions. June 13, AM edited June Who programmed this? Very strange. Because those EA renoveds cant handle any swear words and a lot of people are easily offended by the words like removed, etc when it's written down. They all think that written down words hurt more than something a video game character says. Post edited by StarscreamUK on June June 13, AM. And we were supposed to be able to turn it off. Dice isn't lazy enough to work on that filter constantly but apparently it's battlefield games word problems impossible to provide people with option to turn it off completely.

Go figure. FF-Bulletsponge said:. Because those EA removed cant handle any swear words and a lot of people are easily offended by the words like removed etc when it's written down.

I see Mercs is on a mission June 13, PM. Games on download 360 how xbox said:.

The swear filter is a failure. It blocks harmless stuff while people can battlefield games word problems all the time in the chat that something that displeases them ingame is "C word that is a disease and also a zodiac sign". People just need to learn that words are just words. Strangers words should never offend, and if they do, it's a you problem. People are far too battlefield games word problems these days. It's far too common these days to slip in a colorful word instead of the appropriate adjective or adverb in a conversation.

Growing up I still remember the saying from way 'back in the day' : 'Swearing is click here sign of low intelligence'. I've come to think that it's also a sign of slothfulness battlefield games word problems one can't be bothered to search for the right words when conversing and easily uses such substitutions.

Nowaround here we can't see each other but we do see each others niks and after awhile of reading what they've typed we sort of 'know' the person battlefield games word problems the nik. We eventually get to have an 'impression' of the person and in this sense we get to 'know' them. NowmeI wouldn't want to just click for source known in this way as 'Lazy and Stupid' because I tended to add a whole lot of stars or blank spaces where the right words should have been.

Besidesthere ARE kids present here - and even the foulest-mouthed truckers click sailors know when to 'turn it off' when in such company. So-o Filter Onyou screwy Filter! It's sad that we need youbut we do. I won't know if that word preceding 'filter' passes the muster until I hit. I don't mind a battlefield games word problems cussing I was in an Army Infantry unit for crying out battlefield games word problems but hearing the same thing every 30 seconds gets so annoying and cringy that I don't even hold out for a revive in BF1 because I don't want to hear "I'm battlefield games word problems dying over here!

Anti-Air gun too weak? Let's buff it so that it destroys everything in 3 shots. Now it is OP, so let's nerf it so that it is useless. This forum is the weirdest though Yet you say shid and it could battlefield games word problems you banned. EA wants to play both sides: They want the cash that 12 year olds bring via their parents but they don't want the parents to see their 12 year go here reading "filth".

Hearing filth battlefield games word problems the game every 30 to play games online tank is fine. It makes no sense what-so-ever. First it is to say that it is a filter and not censorship.

You are still allowed to express your opinions yet there are certain words that are simply filtered via an algorithm. Let us also not forget that hatespeech and insults in many countries of the world are indeed a felony or criminal offence. I do like trash talk, and I am against filters, yet there is a line battlefield games word problems draw here, hence games feel the need to have one. Further the algorithm creates a huge slew of problems since certain words have a different meaning or different grad of offensiveness depending just click for source language and even culture, which can not be accurately represented by a filter.

Battlefield games word problems could really use a "Sweat" filter. VincentNZ said:. Thing is they revisited it. Just a lazy approach perhaps? LowPingScrub said:. ElliotLH said:. Sign In or Register to comment.

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